What We Do

Both Reiki* and Far Infrared Therapy* involve the use of thermal heating to relax, soothe, and promote healing in the body.  Reiki originated in Japan in 1922 but the concept of thermal healing dates back to ancient civilizations, including China where "palm healing" was used to transfer infrared rays from one person to another.  Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are naturally emitted by the sun, our bodies, and hands at all times and is the safest form of energy transmitted into an object.  Focusing this energy can have profound health benefits that include reducing stress, anxiety, pain, poor sleep patterns, and improve conditions involving the immune, nervous, and digestive systems.  The negative ions released during Far Infrared Therapy have been known to stimulate collagen production for healthy skin & bones along with assisting in detoxifying the body's tissues and counteracting the harmful EMF radiation we experience in our daily lives.

*Reiki and FIR therapy are not in​tended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness. These therapies should not replace ​treatment by a licensed health care professional. Due to the nature of increasing blood circulation with FIR therapy, people with diabetes, hemophilia, malignancy, or other serious health conditions should consult their physician before considering therapy. FIR is also not recommended during pregnancy or menstruation.


Sessions take place in a private room where you lie down fully clothed on a massage table.  Soothing music will be played and crystals may be used to balance chakras.

30 minutes* - $35

*available as Chair Reiki if needed

60 minutes - $60

Far Infrared Therapy

This is an add-on therapy used in conjunction with Reiki.  The Far Infrared heating mat will be placed under a blanket during the treatment.

30 minutes - $15

Guided Meditation

Enjoy a journey of re-balancing your chakras with friends/family while in your own home.  Reiki and Far Infrared Therapy can be added for an additional charge.

1 meditation session - $20 per person


Assorted healing crystals, pendulums, and jewelry are available for sale.  Styles and sizes may vary, please inquire within.

prices range $4-$20

**Gift Certificates are available for all services, inquire within.

EMF Protect

This small silicone patch is used for EMF protection from cell phone, computer, and tablet radiation.  Because of it's ability to emit negative ions, it can also be placed in socks/shoes to help relieve foot pain.

1 patch - $25

Home/Office Saging

Like the body, energy within your home, office, or personal space can become weak, stagnant, or blocked.  Saging is a Native American tradition that cleanses and re-balances the space.  An EMF audit may also be added to determine if electro-magnetic frequencies are contributing to physical or emotional imbalance.

1 saging session - $26

1 EMF audit - $24

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